(Final Project) Pinterest, Feminism, and RPGs: Implications for Communication

Now that Pinterest, Feminism and RPGs have been addressed separately, it is time to discover how each of these three topics together impact communication. Men and women speak differently, use different methods of nonverbal communication, and even listen differently (Adler and Elmhorst 2010). In what ways could Pinterest potentially affect these standardized and stereotyped means of communication?

First, it is helpful to consider the concept of immersion vs. interaction. Immersion occurs when a person loses himself in an activity; interaction occurs when a person becomes involved in the activity without compromising his identity (Brooke 2009). Taking into consideration the idea of Pinterest as a RPG, it is safe to say that many female users immerse themselves in the website as they create and collect items that they would not necessarily organize in real life.

Therefore, women are creating for themselves two separate identities – particularly those women who are attempting to make a name in the professional world while simultaneously pinning and re-pinning what may be considered “domestic” content. Pinterest could potentially alter the advancement of the feminist movement. On the one hand, women are gaining equal opportunities in the workplace; on the other, they are rediscovering traditional feminine roles.  Communication is likely to become more strained and confused as more women jump on the Pinterest bandwagon; it will become difficult to separate the two identities.

Those who agree with the ideas of difference feminism will likely consider this a positive phenomenon, as it will allow women to be socially accepted for embracing femininity. It has become the norm for women to fight for and expect for equal rights; and justly so. However, difference feminists may argue that although equal rights should exist, it should not be at the cost of severing femininity. Dominance feminists will likely consider this reawakening to traditional femininity a nightmare. Each of the objectives they have worked so hard for are crumbling with every wedding and recipe-related pin. 


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