(Final Project) Conclusion

Although the website was intended to be a place for organization and storage, it has come to symbolize much more than that for women all over the world. Women use Pinterest as a creative outlet for their subdued femininity, pinning and re-pinning items that otherwise would have been dismissed. Pinterest has become a new role-playing game for females, giving them the opportunity to lose themselves among recipes and fashion advice without social repercussions.

Ultimately, it should be noted that whichever side of feminism a women supports, Pinterest as a new RPG gives women the choice to engage with their new, second identities and rediscover their femininity. Recipes, diets, fitness and wedding planning are not the only categories available for pinning on the website. At any time, women have the opportunity to engage in different content that may not necessarily be considered “feminine” or “domestic”; Pinterest isn’t hypnotizing women into a new lifestyle. Rather, they choose to embrace this side of themselves, which any feminist would agree is a positive aspect. 


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