Keen: Internet, Truth, and Culture

After reading chapter one of “The Great Seduction” by Andrew Keen, it’s apparent very quickly that his main point is that the Internet is destroying culture today. What I believe to be most interesting is Keen’s idea that the Internet destroys, most specifically, truth.  But, despite the interesting points Keen brings up, I think he […]


Since its release in 2010, Pinterest is the new “it” of social media. Users can upload and share content (pins) of their own, or borrow someone else’s pins (re-pinning) onto their own board.  The cool thing about Pinterest is that it lets you keep everything in one place, and you can pin whatever you want! For example, […]

A True Read-Write Culture?

After reading and watching Lessig and after our class on Wednesday, I have spent some time reflecting on the idea that copyright, though meant to encourage creativity, actually limits it. As a member of generation Y, I see this everyday. How many college aged students dream about creating their own documentary or working on their […]