(Final Project) Definitions and Key Terms

Before diving into this topic, it is important to define several key terms that will be used frequently throughout the course of this analysis. 

  1. Pinterest (n): It’s the subject of this project, but what exactly is it? Pinterest, a new social media site, is a virtual pinboard that allows users to organize everything and anything found on the web. Example: Since I have already spent an hour online, I might as well hop on over to Pinterest and make a night of it by looking for some new recipes.
  2. Board (n): A set of pins distinguished by topic. Example: This photo of a cute puppy would be an excellent addition to my “Animals” board. 
  3. Pin (n, v): An image added to one’s Pinterest boards; the act of adding an image to a Pinterest board. Users may install a “Pin-It” button to their web browsers to pin anything found on external sites. Example: I saw a great idea for a new craft on my favorite blog, so I pinned it. 
  4. Re-Pin (v): Adding an image found while browsing Pinterest to one’s own boards. Example: My friend pinned a summary of what looks like a great book – I think I’ll re-pin it so that I don’t forget about it. 
  5. Follow (v): Choosing to view all of a person’s pins in real time on a user’s personal home page. Example: I am interested in this user’s board – I think I’ll follow it to receive updates. 

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