Mid-Year Symposium: December 10, 2012

The first presentation I viewed at the Mid-Year Symposium was called “Electronics and Time” by Jose Caraballo. Jose was kind enough to walk me through his study, which focused on discovering how much time students spend on their computers per week. Interestingly, I found I was the opposite of what he described as the norm. He stated that generally, college students use their computers most on Saturdays and least on Sundays and Mondays. Personally, I use my computer least on Saturday and most on Mondays… sorry Jose! 

The next presentation was also called Electronics and Time – I think one specific class was presenting during the time I visited. I missed the presenter’s name, but his project focused on the amount of time spent listening to music on the computer over the course of the semester. When I asked him the media outlet he used most frequently for listening to music, he stated that he used his iPod and iTunes. I think it would be interesting to tie this back to one of the What’s Out There presentation and compare time spent on iTunes to time spent on Pandora. 

It seemed that a big focus of this year’s symposium was how “plugged in” college students are. Everything comes back to using the computer, whether it be for recreational or academic purposes. 


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