Project Proposal

For my final project, I would like to research how Pinterest and feminism butt heads to create a new kind of role playing game. The majority of Pinterest users are female, and many use their boards to post about recipes, staying in shape, dressing fashionably, planning weddings, and raising children. In other words, Pinterest is a feminist’s worst nightmare, and women use the site to create alternate realities in which they live in a fantasy world that centers around gender stereotypes.

To support this project, I will use Lessig’s first video and further explore the idea of the new read-write culture that we exist in today. Pinterest can be considered a kind of writing – no two pinners have the same set of boards, which allows the site to be a large, creative remix waiting to happen.

To include a new media element, I might make a short video showing how to use Pinterest and incorporate Pinterest jargon and etiquette. 


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