#Twitter #(il)literate

I have had a Twitter for a few years – probably since I was a sophomore in high school. I would consider myself an active user, however I do not tweet much. I prefer to click through the site and read what other people are tweeting to the world. In fact, I get much of my information about current events this way. 

Unfortunately, this has also exposed me to the stupidity of people who are on Twitter “just to be on Twitter”, so to speak. These people have no idea what they are doing – they spit out hashtags like candy, have ongoing conversations that clog up a person’s feed, and are generally irritating. 

I’m not saying that I am a Twitter expert – far from it. But I think there is a sort of Twitter etiquette that must be followed, especially given that Twitter is not the only social media site out there. The people who tweet their life stories, as described above, have a gross misrepresentation of the purpose of the site. In my humble opinion, Facebook is the correct medium for this type of communication, because Facebook connects users mostly to friends and family.

On Twitter, a person can follow and be followed by anyone in the world, publicly and without needing consent. Because of this, Twitter has become a source of news, politics, and entertainment information. This does need some clarification – just because I mentioned politics doesn’t mean that everyone on Twitter is a political expert (although after this past election, it seems that everybody is a campaign manager). 

Twitter as a form of new media is wonderful and it is an absolutely brilliant idea. However, I think that like most things, it needs to be used in moderation and with the sanity of other tweeters in mind. 


One thought on “#Twitter #(il)literate

  1. You make great points here, Rebeccah. Any social media should be used the same. I have a Twitter account, but don’t at all use it . Hearing you and some of the other Twitter users in class makes me think I may try to do so more to get news and other quick things. FB is getting to be too bogged down in information I just don’t need to know.

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